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Issues with container doors


  • Stiff closing or locking the doors

  • Cannot close doors when loaded

  • Unable to lock one door

  • Doors worked fine but now won’t close or lock


  • This is when your container is what we call “racked” (industry term)

  • Containers are designed to sit on their corners.

  • Door alignment is significantly affected when shipping containers are twisted and not sitting flat (racked)

  • When the front and rear of the container are leaning in opposite directions


  • Containers quite happy sit on hills or slopes as long as each corner is level with each other.

  • Correcting the issue is a simple as packing up the corner/corners that are sitting lower to their opposing corners essentially making the container sit flat.


  • Close the doors (as best as you can) and stand back

  • Look at the top and bottom and you should see one door lower than the other

  • The side that has the lowest door is the side/corner that needs to raised/lifted

  • If you are unable to access or adjust this corner you can achieve the same result by lifting the diagonally opposite corner at the back of the container

Loading the container caused the problem!

  • While empty the containers rigidity and shape remains intact

  • When under load stresses cause the container to twist or spiral when not sitting flat


see below illustration on how to do this

Level shipping container animation
Chock shipping container animation
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