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How can you protect your belongings, when a high security container is too big for your garden?

With all the turmoil over the recent years, it is clear more than ever that there are so many things in this world that are simply out of our control. These changes, at times, seem to come so fast that we barely get a chance to prepare or adjust before the next change.

However, one thing that is in our control is security.

Protecting our most valuable items is always a priority, especially with the dark nights drawing in our precious items are at a greater risk, and a wooden garden shed doesn’t always fill us with the greatest of assurance.

But don’t worry Clarkes Solutions has you covered, because we sell high security in any shape or size.

With our bespoke product we can create a secure storage solution that meets all the requirements that keeps your neighbours happy.

So wether you are looking to protect your expensive E-Bike, or looking to house your tools, whatever the need, these custom made containers will give you all the strength and durability of a full sized container, without the need for the stress of upsetting your neighbours and the council.

Leaving you with peace of mind, that you have done the best you can do to protect your assets, as well as getting ahead of any future changes which result in a greater risk of crime.

What ever your storage needs, we are here to help!

These are available to purchase on our online shop, from here:


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