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6 Useful Ways Where Shipping Containers Will Revolutionize Your Business

In a day and age where people are booming with endless ideas and possibilities for businesses, new ventures and allowing the creative juices to flow, what better time than to give shipping containers a try!

At Clarkes Solutions we provide top quality shipping containers in varied sizes and dimensions to best suit your business. Whether you are opening a gift shop, own a small café, are looking to re-vamp your business or simply needing an easy, cost-effective office - we’ve got you covered.

Here are some smart ways that shipping containers will revolutionise your business!

1) Smart Spending

Gas, electric, water, rent and service charges, insurance, tax (must the list go on?). Running a business can burn a hole in your pocket, so why spend excessive amounts on the rented office space you could cut back on finances and be more cost-effective.

When renting office spaces, the flexibility to break away from your rental agreement could mean that you will be paying out for several months before you even begin to find a new site to set up shop! This won't be an issue with container conversion offices. Investing in a shipping container-office with save you money in the long run and also provide the opportunity to prioritise putting money towards areas of your business that need it most, or even save up for that one expansion upgrade that you have been yearning for!

2) E-commerce Storage

With the rise in e-commerce businesses, by 2021, roughly 93% of UK internet users are expected to utilise online shopping. If you run an e-commerce business and can see yourself growing extensively over time, then a shipping container is the right investment for you. Rather than stashing your stock in a spare room (or your living room) at home, investing in a shipping container to store your products will enable you to separate home from work and help you to stay organised throughout the growth of your business.

3) Product Launches and Sampling

If you are a smaller business looking to host an event or aim to creatively market your brand to the local community with a personable and immersive approach, having a pop-up store or in-store sampling is the way to go. With Clarkes Solutions, we make it possible for you to choose the storage container that’s right for you, enabling you to use the space as much and as often as required for your professional marketing and promotional needs. Build your brand and establish a positive rapport with your customers through pop-up marketing. This will elevate your business from a cool clothing line or warm café to a business with a growing vision supported strongly by loyal customers.

4) Convenient Office

Mobile offices are versatile – they are completely customisable, can be easily transported and are an eco-friendly option. With a shipping container office, you can separate home from work and create your own space to visualise and bring ideas to reality. It’s proven that open-space offices are not as effective and free-flowing compared to compact and minimalistic office spaces. Having your own bespoke space that you can relocate and transport when it best suits you gives your business the freedom to work through a busy season, enabling optimal focus and flow of creativity.

5) Reduce Stock Theft

High security at an affordable price is always an effective way to prevent potential crises and deter thieves from stealing your livelihood. Peace of mind is always a priority for our storage services; business is already an uphill battle, let us help you to alleviate a serious business dilemma. In 2019, £915 million was lost to supplier and warehouse theft (18 percent shrinkage). Splashing out a little extra on a shipping container lockbox will reduce the probability of stock theft and could actually prove to save your business a lot of money.

6) Unlimited Creative Opportunities

Since 2000, small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) have increased by 69%. This means many more people are starting and building their own businesses.

Our storage containers come in a range of sizes and dimensions that we can combine with your vision and concepts to create something practical, suitable and effective, so don’t hold back! If you have thought of it, we can make it happen. Sometimes finding a place to rent can be the hardest part when starting up a business, but we can make it easier. Providing you with an empty space for you to fill to the brim with your ideas is what we're best at! Opening a coffee shop, bakery or even a nail salon doesn’t have to have half of the hassle involved.

How would you make use of a shipping container for your business?

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