World Book Day 2020: Pinfold Street School's Novel Container Library Concept

Pinfold Street School in Wednesbury came up with a innovative, 'novel' idea (pun intended) to encourage their student to immerse themselves in literacy for 2020 World Book Day, this year!

The local Black Country-based school decided to promote literacy and reading by commissioning the build of a bespoke shipping ontainer library space for the children, starting from the 5th of March.

Clarkes Solutions safely and effectively converted a 40X8ft 'upcycled' shipping container on their site based in Norton Canes, Cannock. With a three-week combined construction and dispatch speed, Pinfold Street's timber cladded eco-container library was ready just in time for World Book Day!

One of the major attractions to the recycled shipping container library was its added accessibility. Being able to provide the children with a modern annex-style facility to separate themselves from the conventional classroom provided an added factor, used to stimulate concentration and enthusiasm in the pupils.

Incentivising Students to Learn

"We were really happy to be actively promoting literacy for our primary school students. Being able to offer our pupils a quiet and unique space away from the classroom really made the kids excited to read."

- Head Teacher, Mrs T Beech

Utilising new and exciting school resources and facilities as an incentive will enable effective behaviour-management. Additionally it will enhance not only pupil attendance, but also the children's overal enthusiasm to hit the books!

Our shipping container conversions are all about stimulating imagination and creativity. The possibilities of the blank canvas that is the industrial shipping container, are endless. Enabling the children a space to fill with their favourite books and learning resources would create the perfect space for inspiration, to let the imagination roam free outside of the classroom!

We love a customer that can really think outside (or inside) the box!

Maximising Concentration with Infrastructure