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7 Unique Bespoke Shipping Container Conversions

Have you thought about starting your own business but don’t know where to start? Getting creative with your business ideas is the first step, finding a suitable space in a good location is the next. At Clarkes Solutions, we make starting a business less stressful with the provision of our quality and versatile shipping containers.

If you want to try out a business idea for a short space of time before committing or making it official, a shipping container is for you. We’ve got you covered, here’s some unique ideas to make use of your new shipping container.

Art Gallery

Creating art is amazing! But having a safe space to share your art with the public is even better. Featuring in your local art gallery or making use of a space to present your work is a good starting point to getting your work out there and noticed. If you’re one for viewing art for the aesthetics, analysing and picking apart the artist’s intentions or simply being on the giving, rather than receiving end, this one is for you. Visiting art galleries is a great way to explore and engage with culture from the comfort of your hometown or city.


Cafés and art galleries? Perfect combo. Cafés are versatile, functioning as a meeting point with a potential client, catch-up with friends, a quick work break snack or simply going for a coffee to enjoy your own company. They’re multi-functional and appeal to all. Opening a café is a great way for both your business and your local community to thrive. Visiting a café post gallery browsing is the perfect way to top off an exciting day.

Corporate Event Bake Off Station

We all love a bit of Bake Off. In need of a unique and interesting corporate event to keep the work-force motivated? Bake off team building experience will keep your employees in healthy competition outside of office hours and enable stronger work relationships. Bake the office a better place with a quirky and competitive corporate day out. This conversion idea was inspired by Birmingham's 'Big Bake'. Thank you to @bababouttown (Instagram) for the snap and educating us on this new trendy Birmingham-based corporate event. Check out her blog post HERE to learn more!



2 for 1 drinks and a steak and chips deal is probably the best part about the pub. The food business will always be booming – everyone loves food and fellowship. At Clarkes, we give you the opportunity to begin building the foundation for your food chain. You could be opening a new venture or opening an additional chain, either way we have you covered. The interior of a shipping container gives a nice urban, relaxed vibe to a pub taking it from an old transformed tavern to a new and style space.


A shipping container restaurant is fashionable, on trend and practical. Chinese, Italian, Thai or Greek. Whatever you like, you can make it happen. Similar to a café, it’s a great way to enjoy the company of friends and family over good food. Eating out occasionally gives you something to look forward to throughout the week and gives you a break from making dinner for the night. Sounds good to me.

Pop-up store

Running a pop-up store is a great way to bring attention to your company and build a relationship with your customers. Take your brand to the next level by opening your own pop-up store and hold regular events for customers to get a feel of your brand and your items for sale (literally).

Holiday Home

Annual getaways are always needed, a warm or hot country will do the trick, depending on what best suits you. With Clarkes shipping containers, we can add either or air con and heating to our containers to maximise their use and best suit the specified conversion. Take full advantage of the customisation of a shipping container by creating the perfect holiday home.

If you're in the business of Air BnB but want to kick it up a notch, why not try investing the glamping conversion experience? Here's a small glamping business that used conversions to revolutionise their business called Cwtch Cabins, featured in our last blog post.


If you’re one for adventure and fun, camping is the way to go, but not everyone is drawn to the traditional tents. Why not re-vamp your camping this year and get yourself a shipping container. Add cool features and make your regular summer spot more exciting for everyone!

The versatility of shipping containers and endless ideas creates a blank canvas for you to work from. You think of it, we make it reality. Make the most of a shipping container whist you can!

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